Managed Recharge is an independent groundwater consultancy established in 2017 by Karen Johnston, one of Western Australia's leading experts in the field of Managed Aquifer Recharge (MAR).  Karen's keen interest in and support for MAR has had a strong influence on her career.  Following successful completion of a Master of Science degree in South Australia with the Centre for Groundwater Studies, investigating geochemical reactions in groundwater systems at the internationally recognised Andrews Farm Aquifer Storage and Recovery (ASR) project, she moved to Perth to take up a position in a local consultancy and was soon working closely with the Water Corporation of Western Australia to help establish two state of the art ASR trials at Jandakot and Mirrabooka.  These trials were direct precursors to the Water Corporations' flagship project - the Beenyup Groundwater Replenishment Scheme, for which Karen was the lead hydrogeological consultant until 2017; she retains a position on the Technical Reference Group overseeing groundwater related aspects of the project. With a track record for getting MAR projects up and running, Karen is also proud to be associated with the City of Kalamunda's award-winning Hartfield Park Water Proofing Project and the City of Mandurah's Ocean Rd Reuse Scheme, along with many others.

Managed Recharge aims to promote and develop innovative groundwater solutions for a sustainable future, and with strong connections in the water resource and environmental industry is able to provide highly qualified collaborative teams tailored to our client's requirements.

Rachel Hamilton joined Managed Recharge in 2018. A Senior Hydrogeologist with over 8 years hydrogeological consulting experience, Rachel brings strong expertise relating to the environmental requirements of groundwater dependent ecosystems, and has been actively engaged in numerous geothermal and managed aquifer recharge (MAR) projects. In particular, Rachel specialises in hydrogeological supervision of drilling, construction and testing of injection bores, being the site hydrogeologist for the Mulga Rock project among many others, and the preparation and implementation of injection bore development and redevelopment programs, ensuring optimal performance and maximum injection capacity is achieved. She has hands-on experience with most operational Perth Basin injection bores, including: Christchurch Grammar School, Fremantle Aquatic Centre, St Hilda’s Anglican School for Girls, Cockburn Aquatic and Recreation Centre, Scarborough Aquatic Centre and Armadale Aquatic Centre. 



“In my role as Technical Director to the [Beenyup Groundwater Replenishment Trial], I found Karen’s abilities and knowledge placed her as an invaluable member of the Technical Reference Group, and she can be credited as a key contributor to the success of the Trial.”

Michael Martin—Principal Hydrogeologist, Water Corporation (Retired)


“Karen Johnston is first and foremost very good at her job. Her technical expertise, flexibility, team approach, and ability to effectively communicate difficult concepts in an easy to understand manner is central to supporting the critical needs of Local Governments in understanding and strengthening their water supply and quality management needs. I strongly recommend Karen and her company ‘Managed Recharge’. ”

Martin Copeman— Parks Manager, City of Perth



“I have worked with Karen for the past 5 years on the Hartfield Park Managed Aquifer Recharge Project. Karen played a pivotal role in the development and implementation of this project from the start, and her diligence and technical expertise has been fundamental to its success ”

Daniel Nelson— Coordinator Project Development, Shire of Kalamunda



"Karen’s review is excellent ... it’s nice to get these types of report." 

Kylie Hills - Senior Project Manager, Three Waters & Waste, City Services




 "Managed aquifer recharge is the intentional recharge of water to suitable aquifers for subsequent recovery or to achieve environmental benefits..."  DWER